fire safety tips

Fire Safety Tips

Fire Safety Tips · Install smoke alarms on each level of a home, as well as inside every bedroom and just outside of sleeping areas and test once each month. Keep a fire extinguisher mounted nearby. Watch your children closely while in the kitchen; keep all pot handles pointed toward the back of the stove and use. FIRE SAFETY -- ONE LESS SPARK – ONE LESS WILDFIRE · Using outdoor equipment -- Mow before 10 a.m., but never when it's windy or excessively dry. · Burning. Fire Safety Tips · Never use an extension cord with large current appliances such as a space heater, air conditioner or refrigerator. · Never smoke while lying. Stay protected with these fire safety tips · Install smoke alarms on every level of your home. · Create multiple escape plans and practice them with your family.

Find safety and emergency tips from Homeland Security. Home Fire Safety · Do not try to fight the fire yourself. · Get out and stay out. · Close the door on your way out. · If smoke is present, exit as low to the ground. Limit distractions when cooking. Don't leave a hot oven or stovetop unattended. Keep anything that can catch fire, such as dish towels or wooden spoons, away. Fire Safety for Senior Citizens · Smoke Alarms. A working smoke alarm can more than double your chances of surviving a fire. · Fire Escape Planning? If you are. If your hair or clothing should catch on fire, smother the flames with a towel, blanket or other thick material, or stop, drop and roll out the flames. 10 Home Fire Safety Tips for Remote Workers · How to Prevent a Fire in Your Home · Home Fire Safety Tip #1: Install Smoke Alarms · Home Fire Safety Tip #2: Fire. Minimize Your Risks · Working Smoke Alarms Are a Must · Make an Escape Plan · Now Practice Your Home Fire Escape Plan · When and How to Use Fire Extinguisher. Safety Tip Sheets · 9-Volt Batteries · Airbnb/Vacation Rentals · Babysitting · Backyard Chicken Coops · Be Fire Safe in the Kitchen · Be Fire Safe. You can also protect yourself by installing working smoke alarms and other fire safety devices. Fire and Life Safety Videos.

How to prevent house fires · Always keep matches, lighters, and other fire hazards out of the reach of children. · Keep flammable items at least three feet away. Make sure smoke alarms and fire sprinklers are properly installed and working. Post clear fire escape plans on every level of a building. Teach employees. Develop More Fire-Safe Habits · Install smoke alarms on every level of your home and outside every sleeping area. · Install a carbon monoxide alarm in a central. Protect your home from electrical fires · Do not overload outlets. · Plug heat generating appliances directly into an outlet, not into a power strip or extension. Top Tips for Fire Safety · Check smoke alarms. Make sure there is a working smoke alarm on every level of your home, inside bedrooms and near sleeping areas. Fire prevention policy · Access to all firefighting equipment must be maintained at all times. · All firefighting equipment must be conspicuously located and. Develop More Fire-Safe Habits · Install smoke alarms on every level of your home and outside every sleeping area. · Install a carbon monoxide alarm in a central. Campfires · Check the fire danger map to make sure it's safe to have a fire where you are. · Use existing campfire rings when possible. · Build campfires away from. Fire and life safety educators can reference these resources for accurate and consistent language when educating the public on topics like carbon monoxide, home.

The Fire Department offers Fire Safety Materials on a wide range of topics. Safety publications are downloadable and printable. #FDNYSmart Tip Sheets. Build campfires at least 25 feet away from tents, shrubs and anything that can burn. Use chimneys, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits outdoors at least 10 feet. March Safety Tips · Know two ways out of each room. · Make sure everyone is able to get outside if the smoke alarm sounds. · Older adults may need your. A cool guide to fire safety tips Fire Extinguishers are your escape tool! You can use them to knock down the fire between you and your exit. Fire Safety Tips · Install smoke detectors · Post emergency numbers near telephones · Have a safe fire escape method · Space heaters need space · Smokers beware.

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